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What’s in the box?


Hand built with precision by a master craftsman, conceived to be the ideal combination of parts to match your physique, riding style, aesthetic preferences and budget. If your new wheels do not match your expectations in any way, please get in touch immediately.

Full Care Instructions:

Each wheelset ships with a detailed aftercare booklet describing how you can best care for your wheels in the years to come. Please take a moment to read through this booklet and familiarise yourself with best practise before unpacking your new wheels. If you have any queries which aren’t covered, no matter how basic they seem, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Instructions can also be downloaded from the Warranty and Technical page.

Invoice/Birth Certificate:

Your unique birth certificate is in the box. It details the exact tolerances and dimensions of your wheelset, as well as recommended tyre pressures tailored to your physique. This certificate is a representation of the hard work which goes into every wheel. Each pair is tuned with precision for maximum performance and durability, and each pair is subtly different. The certificate forms a critical reference for any future maintenance or repair of the wheelset.

A copy of your purchase invoice accompanies the birth certificate.

Tags and stickers:

Every new wheelset is tagged, signed and dated by the builder. You’ll also receive a couple of vinyl logo stickers for the toolbox, because deep down, we all love stickers.

Freehub body Grease:

A small pot of grease is included for you to dress your freehub body prior to installing the cassette. A small art paintbrush or similar can be used to apply a light coating to all the splines of the freehub body. This simple gesture will help reduce wear caused by the cassette under heavy load.


and Finally..


It has been designed to be strong enough for re-use, so if you have any space in the loft, or can cut the tape and fold it flat, please keep it safe so that you can return your wheels for servicing and maintenance in the future. The fit, especially with deeper carbon wheels, is deliberately snug. For this reason, it is necessary to ship almost all wheels without tyres fitted. This is the most secure way to package things, but means you may need to take a little extra care when pulling things from the box to avoid knocking any spokes.