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As your wheel builder, my commitment to you goes beyond initial purchase and extends to a guarantee of technical support for the lifetime of your wheels. Accidents happen when riding, the roads are an unpredictable place, and mass-manufactured components can fail in often bizarre ways. Get in touch with me as soon as you have a problem and explain what happened as honestly and in as much detail as possible. I promise I will do my best to get you back on the road as quickly as I can.


    Under normal riding conditions your wheels should stay true for their reasonable lifetime. The lengthy build and de-stressing process used ensures that all components are fully settled before initial riding, resulting in a durable wheel that remains true.

    Eventually, sudden impacts on the road or trail can cause components to fatigue and wheels to lose tolerance. All minor adjustments to wheels are undertaken free of charge (excluding shipping costs) to the original purchaser.

    If your wheel does require truing, it is strongly advised to return it to the Sussex workshop for proper evaluation and repair. Third-party repairs are convenient in the short-term but are often carried out without due consideration for spoke tension and can be harder to rectify in the future.


    Service intervals vary greatly depending on your individual riding conditions and mileage. An annual service is recommended for most wheels to ensure continued smooth running.

    A recommended service date is listed on the Birth Certificate issued with your wheels, and preventative maintenance is encouraged to support the warranties of all wheel components.

    Please use the Contact page to get in touch and discuss your individual service requirements, and arrange servicing at a time convenient to you.

    Technical support is always available and my priority is to ensure that your investment performs optimally for as long as possible.


    An ENVE wheelset is a significant investment and each purchase from Sharp Precision Wheels is eligible for a Complimentary Year-1 Service.

    After a year of riding I will contact you and arrange to have your wheels collected, serviced and returned, free of charge.

    This is the most efficient way for me to ensure that your wheels continue to perform at their best through establishing a schedule of routine maintenance. If possible, please keep your original box to make return shipping easier and faster.


    Every wheelset is supplied with a care instructions booklet containing information on proper setup and maintenance. You can download these instructions by clicking the link below.


    All components are covered by their respective manufacturer warranties. In cases of component failure which are eligible for warranty replacement, I will work with you to provide this replacement free of charge (excluding shipping costs).

    Warranty cases do not include misuse of the product, accident damage, failure caused by a lack of maintenance or poor initial setup. Rim-brake rims and hub bearings should be considered consumable items which are subject to wear based on the use and specific riding conditions of each individual. These parts are not usually covered by any warranty unless it is deemed they have worn prematurely.

    I try my absolute best to use parts in every build which are:

    • Appropriate to the individual rider and their intended use.
    • Inherently serviceable in the long-term: one of the major benefits of a hand built product.
    • Cross-compatible and easily convertible, so that your wheels can be easily modified if you change your bike or groupset.

Through careful selection of components and a desire for consumer education I aim to keep avoidable warranty claims to a minimum. If you need technical support, no matter how trivial, please get in tough via the Contact page.

Download Wheelcare Instructions