P&K Lie Wheel Truing Service LogoA wheel truing and repair service is available for hand built wheels from any other brand, or numerous factory wheels which use standard wheelbuilding components.

A basic wheel truing service starts from £15 per wheel, and includes a full assessment of the components and advice on any additional work required to return the wheel to a fully serviceable condition.

This is a more in-depth approach to wheel truing than you would expect from a local bike shop, and where a wheel has sustained damage you will be informed of the long-term durability of your repair.

Wheels are assessed for lateral and radial trueness using a P&K Lie truing stand before measurements of spoke tension are taken using either a P&K Lie analogue tensiometer or Wheel Fanatyk digital tensiometer. The wheel is brought back into true both laterally and radially while maintaining an even spoke tensionwhich helps to ensure longevity of the re-true. At this point the wheel will be thoroughly de-stressed to ensure the settling of components and tension may be added to improve the performance of the wheel if necessary. The dish of the wheel is checked with an EVT Tools trigger dishing stick and adjusted as needed. In many cases it is possible to return the wheel with better tolerances than were achieved during it’s initial construction.

I operate a Trueness Guarantee for my own wheels whereby all minor adjustments to are carried out free of charge to the original purchaser. An exhaustive build process and the careful selection of components for each individual rider ensures that all Sharp Precision Wheels should remain true for their reasonable lifetime under normal riding conditions. Find out more here:

The Wheelbuilding Process