Venn LogoThe Venn VAR 45 Disc rim is a 45mm deep carbon road rim developed to offer efficient aerodynamics with a 25-28c tyre. 30mm external width and 21mm internal width ensures tyres can be run at low pressures with tubes or tubeless for increased comfort and improved grip with low rolling resistance.

The width of the rim helps to build a wheel which is laterally very stiff but still vertically compliant, thanks to the 45 degree fibre layup bias. VAR filament winding process utilises slit tape towpreg to accurately lay up the carbon fibre in an automated, computer controlled process. The use of pre-impregnated carbon fibre tape allows the use of the latest resins that offer an optimal blend of high glass transition (Tg) temperature exceeding 240° C in testing , toughness and impact resistance.

In practical terms, Venn Rims enable wheels to be built more accurately and with a very even spoke tension distribution, which increases long-term durability and performance of the wheel.

Disc Brake: 450g. 24 Hole.

110Kg rider weight limit.

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