The Stans Crest MK3 rim is perfect for Cyclocross race-day wheelsets. With a rim weight of 365g it builds a wheel with a low rotational mass, but is only suitable for riders up to 85Kg.

With an external width of 26.3mm, and 23mm internal width, the shallow profile builds a compliant wheel which is best run with a tubeless CX tyre at very low pressures, for maximum grip in muddy conditions.

Due to a maximum spoke tension of 95-100Kgf, the Crest MK3 rim is best built with a thicker gauge of spoke to help add stiffness to the wheel. NOT suitable for use on the road at pressures above 40Psi. For riders requiring a disc rim which can also be run at road tyre pressures, the Pacenti Forza Disc rim is ideal.

Gloss black finish with Stans decals which can easily be removed.