Silca ToolsThe Silca Speed Balance Kit is the world’s first aerodynamic wheel magnet and tuneable balancing system for deep section carbon wheels. Deeper carbon rims create the need for very long valves/valve extenders, causing high-speed wobble and vibration sensations and reducing wheel efficiency.

The Speed Balance replaces your spoke magnet with a rim mounted aerodynamic magnet that can save up to 1 watt at 30mph when compared to a traditional spoke mounted magnet.

4 Tungsten slugs inside the Speed Balance weigh 2.5 grams each allow for custom wheel balancing up to 10 grams to offset valve stem weight and create perfectly balanced wheels.

The Silca Speed Balance Kit is supplied with:
2x Speed Balance Pods (each pod contains 1 magnet and 4 Tungsten slugs)
2x Speed Shield Aero Valve Stem Pods

Watch the Silca demonstration video HERE.

The perfect addition for riders chasing every last watt with an ENVE wheelset.



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