Genuine ENVE Nipples, manufactured from Brass with a 3.2mm square drive, are the only nipples approved for use with ENVE’s proprietary moulded spoke holes.

ENVE nipples feature a locking dimple which helps to prevent spokes unwinding through impact and vibration over time. With a weight of only 0.65g per nipple they are one of the lightest internal brass nipples available. Bladed spokes should always be held with a bladed spoke holder when building with this type of nipple.

10mm in length, with approximately 7mm of thread, it is perfectly acceptable for a spoke to protrude through the nipple by approx. 2mm. ENVE Wheels with older generation Pillar alloy nipples should be rebuilt with the brass nipple to prevent corrosion and possible failure.

Riders requiring internal nipples for other brands of rim should consider the SAPIM SILS Internal Nipple.