The DT Swiss 180 Centrelock hub sits at the top of the DT Swiss Road-Disc range. Well sealed, with a tried and tested bearing layout, it features heavily machined hub flanges and carbon hub centres to reduce weight to 322g per pair (Front: 120g, Rear: 202g) without sacrificing reliability or durability. Contactless seals and SINC ceramic bearings ensure these hubs roll with minimum drag. Excellent flange design builds a responsive, rapidly accelerating wheel.

The star ratchet engagement system is easily serviced without the need for tools, and comes as standard with an 18 tooth ratchet. For riders demanding quicker engagement, 36T or 54T ratchet upgrades are available in the Tools + Accessories shop.

The DT Swiss 180 Centrelock hub is surely the pinnacle of road-disc hub manufacture. Yes, there are other hubs which excel in specific areas, but none can match the reliability of the 180 Centrelock. Black painted finish with lacquered black and white decals over the carbon centre sections. Supplied with multiple end caps so that your wheels remain compatible, even if you change your bike.

*The 180 Carbon Ceramic hub is still available in very limited quantities in certain drillings, but has now been replaced by the new DT Swiss 180 EXP Hub.



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