Bespoke Hand Built Wheels are the mainstay of any professional wheel builder. Every rider is different in physical stature, style, and specific riding requirements. Often the only way to find a wheel which fully meets your needs is to work with your wheel builder to create something unique. At Sharp Precision Wheels I have the years of expertise necessary to recommend specific components for each rider, and have an in depth understanding of the changes certain components can make to the ride characteristics of a wheel.

Hubs can be selected according to the maintenance/servicing preferences of the rider, for their speed of engagement, ease of conversion between axle standards and freehub types and for their aesthetic qualities. A good quality hub should be viewed as the investment piece of every wheelset.

Rims can be matched to the individual rider based upon their required wheel stiffness or compliance, tyre selection, strength and aerodynamic properties. In either carbon or alloy, a good quality rim is essential in ensuring the finished tolerances or your wheels are as precise as possible: boosting performance and long-term durability.

Spokes can be varied in both their number and gauge (thickness) to meet the strength and weight demands of different riders on a variety of terrain.

Custom Decals can be produced for a variety of rims and hubs: if you’re working on something really unique and need everything to match, get in touch and share your ideas. I work closely with decal partners Slik Graphics in Sweden, who have over 25 years experience in bicycle decal manufacture.

Call 01403 333 211 to discuss a custom wheel build immediately, or use the Contact page to submit a Rider Profile Form and request quotes. Continue reading below to learn more about what to expect from a pair of bespoke hand built wheels from Sharp Precision Wheels.