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  1. How do I order wheels?

    There are three ways to order a wheelset from Sharp Precision Wheels, depending on how much consultation is needed to find the ideal specification for you. In all cases I will collect some basic information from you regarding your physique, type and intensity of riding, bike specification and budget: this information is used to confirm the wheelset specification is 100% tailored to your requirements and is fit for purpose in each individual case. For detailed instructions see the Ordering Process page.

  2. How long will my wheels take to build?

    Certain ENVE wheelsets are always in stock as build kits and are available on a 3-day turnaround. Due to the diversity of components, most builds will require parts to be ordered in from their respective distributors. This process begins only once full payment has been received for a custom wheelset and although it can be as fast as 5 days, it is more sensible to allocate a reasonable build time of 2-3 weeks. In certain cases, parts can take much longer to arrive: you will be advised of this at time of ordering. Please be patient, it is worth the wait for Tune hubs or bright pink Chris King!

  3. How do I pay?

    You can pay for in stock wheels or parts online through my payment processor with most credit/debit cards. Alternatively, you can pay for custom wheelsets by bank transfer (details are on the invoice) or by clicking on the link at the base of your invoice, which will direct you to an online card payment portal. Please quote your invoice reference number when making any bank transfer. Please note that your build will not progress until full payment has been received.

  4. What’s in the box?

    Wheels: Hand built with precision by a master craftsman, conceived to be the ideal combination of parts to match your physique, riding style, aesthetic preferences and budget. If your new wheels do not match your expectations in any way, please get in touch immediately.

    Full Care Instructions: Each wheelset ships with a detailed aftercare booklet describing how you can best care for your wheels in the years to come. Please take a moment to read through this booklet and familiarise yourself with best practise before unpacking your new wheels. If you have any queries which aren’t covered, no matter how basic they seem, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Invoice/Birth Certificate: Your unique birth certificate is in the box. It details the exact tolerances and dimensions of your wheelset, as well as recommended tyre pressures tailored to your physique. This certificate is a representation of the hard work which goes into every wheel. Each pair is tuned with precision for maximum performance and durability, and each pair is subtly different. The certificate forms a critical reference for any future maintenance or repair of the wheelset.

    A copy of your purchase invoice accompanies the birth certificate.

    Tags and Stickers: Every new wheelset is tagged, signed and dated by the builder. You’ll also receive a couple of vinyl logo stickers.

    Freehub body Grease: A small pot of grease is included for you to dress your freehub body prior to installing the cassette. A small art paintbrush or similar can be used to apply a light coating to all the splines of the freehub body, a simple gesture which will help reduce wear caused by the cassette under heavy load.

    Finally, THE BOX! It has been designed to be strong enough for re-use, so if you have any space in the loft, or can cut the tape and fold it flat, please keep it safe so that you can return your wheels for servicing and maintenance in the future. The fit, especially with deeper carbon wheels, is deliberately snug. For this reason, it is necessary to ship almost all wheels without tyres fitted. This is the most secure way to package things but means you may need to take a little extra care when pulling things from the box to avoid knocking any spokes.

  5. What warranty do you offer?

    All my wheelsets are fit for purpose, covered by their respective parts manufacturer warranties, and covered by public liability insurance. Additionally, I offer free adjustments to spokes for the lifetime of a wheelset, in the unlikely event you do have a problem. For more information please see the Warranty and Technical Support page.

  6. How do you ship wheels?

    Wheels are shipped next day with Fedex, fully tracked and insured. For more information see the Delivery and Returns page.

  7. Why order a hand-built wheel?

    Factory wheels are designed and built to cater for the mass market and are usually machine built at great speed. Ordering a hand-built wheel and developing a relationship with me as your wheel builder means we can work together to create something which is tailored specifically to your needs. Some riders weigh 55Kg, some 155Kg, some have bright pink bikes, others prefer the stealth look. We are all up to such varied things on our bicycles that a hand-built product makes sense for a great number of riders. We can customise the look of your wheelset, and make sure it is fit for purpose so that you don’t experience disappointment down the line due to component failure. The quality of individual parts that I use normally far exceeds the specification on most factory builds, and a huge amount of care is taken during a lengthy assembly and build process to ensure these parts are settled and remain true for as long as possible. Learn more on the Wheelbuilding Process page. Hand-built wheels are usually easier and more economical to service: they are built to last and individual components can be replaced when worn out rather than sending a wheelset to landfill. Finally, I firmly believe I can build you a wheel which rides better than a factory wheel: something livelier, stronger, faster, more comfortable, whatever your requirements are; a hand-built wheel is about putting a bigger smile on your face.

  8. Can I collect my wheels?

    Of course. If you’d like to collect your wheels in person then please make an appointment with me via email. I would be happy to show you around the workshop, and if you need any extra advice or tuition we can sit down for a chat with a coffee.

  9. What tyre pressure should I be running?

    Every wheelset birth certificate has a recommendation for tyre pressure listed on it. This is based on a recommended tyre size, the width of the rim and your individual physique or loaded bicycle weight. It is not advised to set pressures based upon the recommendation written on the tyre, as these are often very high. Over inflation of tyres will only harm the performance of your wheelset: increasing rolling resistance and reducing wheel stiffness.

  10. Tyre Levers?

    It is possible to fit most tyres on to rims using no tools or tyre levers. A very specific procedure is required to achieve this, but it is usually possible without superhuman strength. If you need to use a tyre lever, please use a plastic one, and please be careful that you do not need to use excessive force as this will damage the rim. Please see my blog post on how to fit tyres or visit the workshop at any time for free coffee and a tutorial!

  11. How do I care for my wheels?

    Please have a read through my detailed care instructions, available to download on the Warranty page. They are also supplied with every wheelset. In general, you should consider having your wheels checked or serviced at least every year to keep them running at their best. If you ride in harsh winter conditions or tap out huge miles, this may be reduced to as little as 3 months. I am always happy to show people how maintain their own product if it is appropriate, so if you’d like specific advice, just ask! Try not to use aggressive cleaners or get degreaser inside hubs: this will lead to premature failure of components.

  12. How much do hand-built wheels cost?

    Great quality hand-built wheels start from around £250 depending on specification. Generally speaking, as cost increases, so does the quality, longevity and performance of the components used. More expensive parts also tend to be lighter in weight, although this may not be your primary concern. Get in touch to discuss your options using the Rider Profile Form on the Contact page.

  13. Can I use Cyclescheme to pay for my wheels?

    Sharp Precision Wheels is a registered Cyclescheme partner and can accept payment for all complete wheelsets (including bespoke), tools and accessories (except tyres and tubes) with a Cyclescheme eCertificate, which is issued once your application with your employer has been successful. Many employers have recently raised their limits, meaning this can be an extremely tax efficient way to spread the cost of your purchase, typically saving between 25-39% of the RRP. If you would like a quotation form to start your application, please get in touch via the Contact page.